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Vertical sterilisation autoclave 500 x 1000

vertical sterilisazion autoclave


Valve unit Recirculation pump Operator panel and cycle recorder Control instruments


Automatic sterilisation autoclave with cooling through air back pressure, of the vertical cylindrical type, with convex ends and quick closing with staybolts, made of stainless steel.
Externally it is covered in high density mineral wool and stainless steel plate.
Internally there are 2 stainless steel baskets with holes for containing the products to be sterilised.
Through a PLC, an electric control panel manages the sequences of the sterilisation cycles.
A graphic counter traces the sterilisation diagram which then accompanies the finished product.
The positive temperature ramps are settable.
The sterilisation programs may be easily adapted to suit all requirements.
The appliance is in conformity with the P.E.D. 97/23/EC directive.


Standard features

Capacity Diameter Height Weight Pressure Design temperature
250 500 1600 150 2 bar 133 °C

n° 2 Baskets Ø int. 470 mm, H 400 mm

Data sheet Dowload data sheet

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