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Stainless steel pasteurisation tank VP500 and VP900

stainless steel pasteurisation


Controls and recorder Automatic valves Two baskets supplied with the machine



STAINLESS STEEL pasteurisation tank equipped with
• Cover
• Steam injection nozzle or heating coil fitted internally on the bottom and extractable to facilitate cleaning of the tank
• Wall insulation and closing STAINLESS STEEL panels
• Water recirculation pump
• Thermoregulator-controlled steam infeed line with detection probe
• Condensate discharge device (with coil)
• Pasteurisation and cooling cycle electric control panel independent of the tank
• Pasteurisation cycle tape recorder
• Two superimposable baskets in perforated stainless steel, equipped with couplings for handling purposes.


Standard features

Pasteurisation tank VP500 VP900
Dimensions of baskets in mm
Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
450 x 450 x h 400
800 x 800 x h 350

Data sheet Download data sheet

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