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Indirect steam generators (evaporators)


We manufacture horizontal, cylindrical evaporators with steel sheet shells and convex ends, equipped with heat exchanger with U tube bundle through which the diathermal fluid runs 
The tube bundle is made of expanded tubes and is entirely extractable from the body of the evaporator.
The design and the calculation standards are entirely in compliance with Directive 97/23/EC (PED) and the materials used are made of high-quality steel accompanied by ironworks certificate. 
The extensive evaporating surface and the spacious steam chamber, in addition to being an excellent condensate separator, also guarantee an optimum water/steam ratio.
Thermal dispersion into the environment is extremely limited thanks to the thick layer of insulating mineral wool, protected by a mattress of painted steel plate. 
The evaporator rests on seating, supported by a base, so that it can either be installed at ground level, or on the diathermal fluid heater to which it is combined and which enables the installing of the feed pump.
The evaporator is supplied with all the required accessories
Capacity from 100 to 3000 kg/h and higher on request.

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